‘Joey the Rabbit’

Member News

Recently whilst undertaking an Environment Investigation at our SMM Smethwick Rabone Lane site, Clare Haste (Environment, Sustainability & Community Manager) found a domestic rabbit wandering along the canal towpath behind the Smethwick shredder site. After a little bit of coaxing and sweet talk Clare was able to catch the rabbit and take him back to the safety of the weighbridge office.

Once he had been settled into his temporary Sims cardboard hutch, Vikki Greer (Weighbridge Administrator at Smethwick Rabone Lane) fostered the rabbit, which she named ‘Joey’ (after Joey from friends). Vikki has since taken ‘Joey’ to Rabbit Rescue and Friends in Malvern where he will find a forever home with a new family.

Well done to Clare and Vikki for doing there bit to save little Joey!